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Mr North - Callie Hart

November 16, 2017

#MrNorth #CallieHart #EnigmaticBillionaire 

Mr North - Callie Hart

My first book by Callie Hart but this will not be my last.
The blurb alone was what captured my imagination but I wasn’t prepared for such an intriguing story between sweet and quite naive Beth and the enigma that is Raphael North.

Beth is the epitome of the hard working and studious heroin who lives her life under the cloud of guilt, shame and secrets that her mother has embedded in her psyche. Her back story is intriguing in itself but with her uncharacteristic attraction to Raph, it opens up whole new level of intrigue.

Raph is not the typical billionaire CEO that you read in these types of stories. His own past is littered with issues, making the entire package that much more exciting to unwrap with each page read.

Supporting characters were well crafted to compliment he main characters and definitely upheld their role in this story.

Well developed characters, interesting plot and definitely an intriguing story that I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to reading more from Callie Hart.  

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Mine to Keep (Rescue Inc Book 4) by Megs Pritchard

July 28, 2018

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